Monday, 11 April 2011

Black is the new black

It's official black is the new black.

I must admit as much as I love bright colours and pretty pastels, black just looks so smart.  It's also a good option for me on winter mornings when I'm groping around for a clean pair of stockings and the thought of matching my earrings to my outfit is just too much effort.

My best customer (who shall remain nameless) had previously cleaned me out of black earrings but I was able to make a few new sets this weekend between getting shed on by a very excited pug and discussing the merits of tea with my cousin.

Bobby Pin Set: $10
I'm rather fond of the Bobby pins, the first I've made using the new green stem leaf pins.  I might keep them for myself or make another set
Rose Rose Earrings: $10

 These are lovely, its very hard to pick up the details with my camera though.
Pom Pom Mums: $10

Mini Mums: $10

Pansy earrings: $10

Teeny tiny little 'mums.. I'll also be making these in coral pink.

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